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BB Safety Training Centre


It is with much excitement that we announce that as of the 5th February 2014,
Bb Safety Training will be joining in partnership with Registered Training Organisation, Fire and Safety Australia to become the Midwest division of Fire and Safety Australia.
As a result of this partnership the business will be undergoing an entity and name change and will be rebranded to
Fire and Safety Australia (Geraldton Safety Training Centre).

Who are Fire and Safety Australia?
Fire and Safety Australia (FSA) are a Registered Training Organisation, registered in Melbourne by Director Steve McLeod and are a provider of nationally recognised training with a presence in all States and Territories of Australia. At a local level; this name may or may not be familiar, but Fire and Safety Australia has been a co-provider of Fire and Safety Australia training courses for the past 4-years therefore anyone who has completed training with Fire and Safety Australia over the past 4-years has completed a course that was developed by Fire & Safety Australia, delivered by us. Therefore our decision to join in partnership with FSA is one of natural progression stemming from an already successful synergy.

What our clients can expect from this change?

  • The same management, staff and trainers that have worked together as a team to build our current reputation will remain;
  • Training will be provided directly by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 22250);
  • Increase in the types of training services that we can deliver;
  • Greater flexibility for our clients who operate on a national level, with a large support team across Australia to assist you with fulfilling your training requirements;
  • Our existing training premises has been expanded and improved allowing us the availability of running more courses each day;
  • Our name will change to Fire and Safety Australia - Geraldton Safety Training Centre, as of the 5th February 2014;
  • This website will transition to a shut-down phase over the next couple of months, and our new website is accessible at the following link:
  • http://www.fireandsafetyaustralia.com.au/geraldton/
  • Please visit the new website and save this link as the new website has a convenient 6-monthly course calendar updated on weekly basis.
  • Our email address will change to: Geraldton@fsaus.com.au.

 What will not change?

  • Our commitment to deliver high quality training;
  • Our honesty, professionalism and high level of customer service you are used to;
  • Our team members and their values that underlie our trusted reputation;
  • Our address and contact phone numbers;

We look forward to every opportunity that this new partnership will offer our clients and look forward to welcoming you when you attend your next course.

Yours sincerely

Michael Holmes
Managing Director
Fire and Safety Australia